St Benet Fink, London

St Benet Fink

Exploring Faith

Great is the Mystery of Faith

Christians believe that our lives are a journey: a journey of discovery about ourselves and God. We believe that God has given us his Son Jesus to walk that journey with us, showing us what God is like, and how we can become part of his life.

St Benet Fink Tottenham is a worshipping community in which all are welcome to explore who God is, and who God is calling them to be. All of us are on different stages of our spiritual journey, and yet we all recognise our need for God and for one another within this community of faith.

We offer regular Christian teaching and discipleship courses, social events and pilgrimages to help us deepen our faith and understanding, as well as get to know one another, sharing our faith, experiences and friendship.

You can read about Christian beliefs by visiting this page.