St Benet Fink, London

St Benet Fink

Worship at St Benet’s

Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness

Our worship of God is at the heart of all we do at St Benet’s. Services are offered every day, but our main act of worship is the Parish Mass on Sundays at 11am. This is a traditional and accessible service, which helps us to enter into the mystery of the God whom we seek and worship.

As Christians within the catholic tradition, we use all our senses to worship God. This means the priest and servers wear distinct clothes set aside for worship; we use incense, candles and music to engage our whole bodies in worship, and to remind us that we are entering into the presence of God.

In our worship, we not only seek to encounter God’s living presence, but also to be nourished for our Christian discipleship. We receive from God through prayer, the Bible, preaching and teaching, and the sacraments of the Church.

During school term-time, engaging activities are provided for children; a crèche is available for younger children and babies.

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