St Benet Fink, London

St Benet Fink

Benedictine Ethos

A Christian community built on the Benedictine Ethos

Although the 17th century church of St Benet Fink in the City of London was demolished in 1844, the traditions established by St Benedict himself, and cherished by our forebears, are preserved in our life and worship today. The Benedictine values of learning, stability and hospitality are central to our service of God and the wider community of which we are a part.

St Benedict was a holy man who was born around 480 AD, and who chose to dedicate his life to the service of God as a hermit. As Benedict travelled across Italy he founded a number of monasteries: the monks who lived there obeyed a set of instructions for how Benedict believed a Christian community should be constituted. These instructions form the Rule of St Benedict, which many monks and nuns still observe today. The Rule binds those who live under it to pray, study and work for the glory of God and the good of their community. Benedictine monks and nuns also make vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and stability. At St Benet Fink Tottenham we form a stable community of Christians, who are committed to serving our wider community through worship, outreach, welcome and care.

Today’s community at St Benet Fink Tottenham

At St Benet Fink we are a confident and vibrant community of Christians who value the example and traditions of our Patron, St Benedict.

The heart of our life is the worship of almighty God, and at the centre of this is the daily celebration of the Mass. In all our worship we seek to bring to God the best that human inspiration and endeavour can offer.

Every Sunday people gather at St Benet’s for the week’s main act of worship, the Parish Mass. Families and children are particularly welcome: Kids’ Church for primary school aged children runs during term time; crèche facilities are available in church for younger children, and baby changing facilities are available in the church hall.

Our Patron, St Benedict, stressed that those who follow his Rule should be exemplars of hospitality and welcome: this is key to our mission at St Benet’s. We welcome all who come through our doors, and seek to reach out to all in our community, as if we were welcoming Jesus Christ himself. You can be assured of a warm welcome, whether you come to a service, or just want to sit in the peaceful quiet of the church, or to light a candle.

Our hospitality reaches beyond our Sunday worship. Throughout the year we hold various events, as well as our regular Evensong and Curry evenings, 3rd Thursday @ The Westbury and parish lunches and receptions. We look forward to welcoming and serving you here.