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Our lives as human beings are marked by turning points, which we want to celebrate and commemorate. The Church offers services to help us do this, particularly at the beginning and end of life, and when we celebrate a new chapter in a couple’s life as they marry.

We rejoice and welcome enquiries for baptisms, whether of babies, children or adults.  Baptisms usually take place during the Sunday Parish Mass, which lasts just over an hour.  In addition to the service of baptism, we offer the possibility to hire the church hall for baptism parties at a competitive rate.

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St Benet’s is a beautiful setting in which to be married, or to have a civil union celebrated in a variety of forms.  In order to be married at St Benet’s, a couple must demonstrate that they can fulfill the criteria for the Church of England’s marriage regulations.  There are also statutory fees and other costs for a church wedding.  Details of these fees and regulations can be found at


One of the hardest moments in life is when someone we love dies.  At St Benet’s, we ensure that funeral services are of the highest quality, ensuring that the memory of your loved one is afforded the dignity they deserve. Funeral services can take one of several forms, from a simple service at the Crematorium to a Solemn Requiem Mass in church.  If you would like the funeral of one of your loved ones or friends to take place at St Benet’s, you need to tell the Funeral Director that this is your wish at your first meeting.  They will then contact Fr James to make the initial arrangements, and then he will contact you to plan the details of the funeral.  Please do not make bookings before the Funeral Director has been in contact with Fr James.  If you would like to find out more about the types of funeral services that are available, please get in touch.